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Adobe Connect empowers you to create exceptional digital training, webinar, and collaboration experiences. 

Adobe Connect Training

Experience Driven Learning

Create custom learning experiences that engage learners through interactivity and collaboration.
Adobe Connect Webinars

Engagement Led Webinars

Go beyond screen-sharing and chat to provide engaging experiences with interactive content. Create compelling micro-sites, manage emails, and measure engagement.
Adobe Connect Meetings

Persistent Virtual Rooms

Create persistent virtual rooms that can be customized with your own content, layouts, branding, and URL.

One platform. Limitless use cases.

Adobe Connect rooms are customizable and persistent, so they can be used for virtually any use-case. Learn how.

Adobe Connect 10

Learn about the new features in our latest release, including a brand new HTML client for participants.

Why Adobe?

Custom Experiences
Adobe Connect gives you complete control over the look and functionality of your virtual rooms. Create experiences that incorporate branding and content. Position functional pods anywhere on the screen to share content or interact. 
Only Adobe Connect features layouts - pre-set groupings of pods that determine what is shown on the screen at any time. Layouts can be customized by the host and are ideal for structuring a classroom, webinar, or meeting.
Content Persistence
Adobe Connect goes beyond letting you re-use a URL. The content in your Adobe Connect room is also persistent. This makes it easy to re-use content like presentations, videos, polls, and more across multiple sessions - saving time and ensuring consitency. This persistence also enables you to setup your virtual environment days or weeks ahead of time.
Room Templates
Room templates define the look and feel of a new Adobe Connect room and can pre-load content into that room. Templates make it incredibly fast and easy to setup new rooms and ensure consistency across an organization. Room layouts can easily be reset to the original template making it easy to re-use your room over and over again.
Power Features
Meeting hosts have access to unique power features that help you work behind the scenes. For example, the Presenter Only Area enables private collaboration with other hosts and presenters. Prepare Mode lets you go backstage and edit content and layouts with affecting the live meeting.
Custom Apps
In the same way you can load an app onto your smartphone, you can load Adobe Connect custom apps into your Adobe Connect room. These unique apps enable you to extend the functionality of your room adding everything from fun ice-breakers to utilities such as closed captions.
See how customers are using Adobe Connect to deliver exceptional experiences and achieve exceptional results.

Learn More

Join a free Adobe Connect webinar to see it in action or take it for a test drive. If you'd like someone to follow up with more information, please contact us.
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