Adobe Sensei puts artificial intelligence at the center of amazing customer experiences.

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What is Adobe Sensei?
Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you discover hidden opportunities, make tedious processes fast, and offer relevant experiences to every customer. Put simply, Adobe Sensei helps you work better, smarter, and faster.
What is Adobe Sensei?

Clear the path for magical moments.

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Creative intelligence

Adobe Sensei understands the language of images, illustration, and animation, and helps you handle the time consuming and repetitive tasks, so you can spend more time executing your creative vision.


Content intelligence

Adobe Sensei searches and understands large amounts of content at a deep level, like the sentiment of documents or the aesthetic qualities of images. This helps you refine and identify what you need in seconds rather than hours or days. Learn more about content intelligence services in Adobe Sensei.


Experience intelligence

Adobe Sensei helps you deliver relevant, personalized experiences in real time, learning what customers want, identifying significant events, and making recommendations to reach the right customer at the right time. Learn more about experience intelligence services in Adobe Sensei.


Open framework

Adobe Sensei is the extensible AI and machine learning framework of Adobe Experience Platform that helps enterprises and partners build custom workflows and applications.


Artificial intelligence makes a smarter enterprise.

Adobe brought together business leaders across various industries to share their thoughts on opportunities and challenges for AI in the enterprise.

See where AI is and where it's headed with Adobe Sensei.

Gain a better understanding about what the rise of AI and machine learning means in today’s marketing landscape and how we’re helping bring these technologies to your organization.
Amplify Human Creativity with Artificial Intelligence.

Amplify Human Creativity with Artificial Intelligence.

Learn how AI helps open the door to new ways of learning from and serving your customers.

Get industry insights on the future of human creativity in the age of AI.

Get industry insights on the future of human creativity in the age of AI.

Discover what creative professionals are thinking about emerging technologies and the impact on their work.

Make AI your behind-the scenes marketing partner.

Make AI your behind-the scenes marketing partner.

Learn how you can work with AI to understand your customers like never before to deliver the experiences they want.

Build breakthrough experiences with artificial intelligence.

Adobe Sensei, Adobe's artificial intelligence and machine learning engine, helps you build more intuitive experiences that will reach your customers based on their interests and preferences.

Access Adobe Sensei across three clouds.

Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Document Cloud
Adobe Document Cloud
Adobe Experience Cloud
Practitioners and Creators

Access features powered by Adobe Sensei in Adobe solutions to create and deliver better experiences.

Adobe Experience Cloud
Enterprise Developers

Access Adobe Sensei services to create custom workflows or applications.

Adobe Experience Cloud
Data Scientists

Access Adobe Sensei through Adobe Experience Platform to further train Adobe Sensei services or create custom models.

See how Adobe Sensei is powering our products.

Today, Adobe Sensei powers dozens of features across Adobe solutions with many more innovations on the way.

How Adobe Sensei is powering Creative Cloud.

More customers on more channels means there's an increased demand to deliver content faster. In Adobe Creative Cloud, the AI of Adobe Sensei helps you go from concept to completion faster, whether it’s finding the right image, creating the perfect composite, or editing video transitions.
Amazing effects at your fingertips.

Find what you need. Faster.

With intuitive search features in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Adobe Sensei uses deep learning to help you quickly find just the right asset for projects.


Timesavers make creation effortless.

Adobe Sensei handles time-consuming tasks, such as understanding audio types in Premiere Rush, selecting subjects in Photoshop in a single click, making edits in Lightroom, and much more.


Amazing effects at your fingertips.

Instantly align and light your 3D scene to match a background image in Dimension, modify objects organically in Illustrator, and stylize puppets in Character Animator.

How Adobe Sensei is powering Document Cloud.

Imagine documents and forms that are easier for you to manage and for your customers to use. Within Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Sensei transforms paper into editable digital documents, automates the use of the right fonts, creates form fields, and cleans up signatures.
See how Adobe Sensei helps you quickly create high-quality PDFs.

Fill forms in a snap.

Form field recognition, available with the Fill & Sign tool across mobile, desktop, and the web, detects form field candidates based on analyzing the document, attributes, and relative placement of attributes on a form.


Clean documents and clean boundaries.

When you take a picture of a document, Adobe Scan can detect boundaries, auto-clean, and remove shadows to improve appearance and text quality in that document.


Locate documents in your  image library — fast.

Adobe Scan Show Only Documents makes it easy for you to identify and select document images from your photo library so you can quickly convert them into PDFs.

How Adobe Sensei is powering Experience Cloud.

The wants and needs of customers evolve quickly. Within Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Sensei's machine learning crunches the numbers, helps you see how your customers behave, uses those insights to serve relevant and personalized experiences, and anticipates what they’ll want next. You’ll discover new look-alike audiences to approach and use predictive modeling to help you make better decisions.
See how Adobe Sensei helps you create personalized experiences.

Manage content and personalize campaigns.

Adobe Sensei adds metadata to assets, recommends offers, and generates shorter copy versions for different channels. So you can deliver exactly what customers want.


Never miss an insight with predictive analytics.

With features like anomaly detection, contribution analysis, and segment compare, Adobe Sensei acts as your 24x7 analyst, alerting you to what matters no matter where you are.


Optimize your ad spend.

Balance and optimize spending across all your channels with Adobe Advertising Cloud.

See what our customers are saying about Adobe Sensei.

Silicon Labs ?
Silicon Labs
"Now we can start personalizing experiences. That seamless flow from a marketing standpoint is really powerful."
Kamrah Shah, Director of Corporate Marketing
Silicon Labs
"It gives us the chance to surprise and delight customers with recommendations that are not only relevant, but wanted."
Rob McLaughlin, Head of Digital Analytics, SKY
"We spend far less time scrolling through search screens and more time working on exciting deliverables."
Sabrina Rodriguez, Global Head of Social Content, Dentsu Aegis
Social Kinnect
"It helps us bring down costs by making it easier to structure campaigns and consistently identify keywords that result in more engagement from online searches."
Mihir Palan, Account Director, Digital Media Planning and Buying, Social Kinnect


Adobe Sensei is part of Adobe Experience Platform.

Adobe Sensei services in Adobe Experience Platform, your experience system of record, make data, content, and insights available to our community of developers through Adobe I/O.
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